High-Index Lenses: The Importance Of Lens Material


Although the weather is no longer warm in many areas, this does not mean you should stop worrying about your eyes. Regardless of what the weather is like, you still need to give your eyes the best protection possible. Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss out on the beauty of this world because you…

Can You Wear High Index Eyeglasses for Weekend Warrior Activities?


For many people, the weekends aren’t just for sleeping late and spending time relaxing around the house. They spend much of their weekend engaged in a sport or other vigorous activity. If you are such a person and would rather not get contact lenses for weekend use, you might be considering high index eyeglasses. Here are…

Why Should High-Index Eyeglasses Be Your Next Choice?


You have probably seen the increase in eyeglasses selection lately. You have plenty of interesting options to choose from. It does not matter if you are looking for plastic lenses or glass lenses, you should always know your choices. When you are aware of your choices, you will be able to make the best decision….

Three Important Reasons Why Your High Index Lenses Need an Anti-Reflective Coating


The lens material used in high index eyeglasses bends light more efficiently than standard lens materials. This means that high index lenses require less material to do its job of correcting your vision, and results in thinner and therefore lighter lenses. However, this light bending property also comes with a less desirable one: high index…

High Index Eyeglasses and Their Psychological Impact


Perceptions about eyeglasses have changed since the 1950s and 1960s. Back then, the unworldly, unpopular, and uncool nerd was commonly portrayed by Hollywood as a disheveled person with thick rimmed glasses and thick lenses that distorted the eyes. The person was typically portrayed as an inventor, scientist, or some misunderstood genius. Sometimes, the person was…

Eight Benefits That High Index Lenses Have over Contacts


Many of the benefits of contacts are well-known, the most obvious being that you can correct your vision without the encumbrances of wearing glasses. With improvements in the styling and design of glasses, they aren’t the encumbrances they were in the past. This is especially true of high prescription glasses, which used to be limited…

Make The Switch To High-Index Eyeglasses


You can face an overwhelming challenge when it is time to choose your lens type for your prescription eyeglasses. There has been a change in the materials and technology used to create lenses. Many patients are beginning to ask about thin lenses. Why? Thin lenses are the favorite because they are more comfortable, thinner, and…

How to Care for Your 1.67 or 1.74 High Index Lenses

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Cell phones aren’t the only consumer products that are thinner and lighter. High prescription glasses have also achieved greater function with less bulk and material. Like our shrinking cell phones, the high index lenses used in high prescription glasses are possible because of advanced material science and better design. Improved lens materials that bend light…

You Can’t Go Wrong With High-Index Lenses


We all know that eyeglasses can be a great accessory for anyone. Eyeglasses can be a way to showcase your style and your personality. It can also be a great way to show how different you are from everyone else. There are so many frames to choose from, and this can make it a challenge…

High-Index Lenses: Is It Time To Make The Switch?


There are millions of people in the world who depend on eyeglass lenses to help correct their vision problems. There are a wide variety of lenses that have been created using amazing technology and hardware that gives people like you the vision correction they need. When you go to your eye doctor to ask about…