Get The Perfect Pair High-Index Eyeglasses


Have you ever been told that the worse your eyesight gets, the thicker the lenses for your eyeglasses will be? The type of eyeglass lenses you wear will not only have an impact on your vision but it will have an impact on your appearance. In past years, if you knew you had poor vision,…

Three Things Everyone Should Know About 1.67 High Index Lenses

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While 1.67 high index lenses is common enough within the industry, here are three things that everyone should know about them and what makes them different and an industry standard. When it comes to high index lenses, there are two types that are common and that is the 1.67 high index lenses and the 1.74…

Choosing Options for Your High Index Lenses


If you have a strong prescription for your eyeglasses, you are probably already familiar with the idea of high index lenses, even if you don’t know the name.  So, high index lenses, without getting technical, use curvature and material that result in a much thinner lens.  So what kind of options do you want to…

High-Index Lenses: Improve Your Vision And Your Confidence


There are quite a few factors that go into determining what type of eyeglasses someone needs. Since there are so many factors, the entire process can be quite overwhelming for patients.  There are more lens materials and lens types than there have been in recent years. More patients are asking their opticians about thin lenses…

Choosing Eyeglasses Based on Material: High Index Lenses Are the Top Choice


In the past, there weren’t many choices when it came to eyeglasses material. Glasses in the past were simply that – glass. They shattered easily and were heavier than what is offered today. Of course, technology has brought us all the way from thick, heavy glasses to the thinnest of material – high index lenses….

High-Index Eyeglasses For Children


A huge part of a child’s development is ensuring he or she has healthy eyes. A child should have regular eye exams, and this is so important because many eye diseases and other eye problems can be prevented from becoming worse when they are caught early.  Visit To The Eye Doctor When you are discussing…

1.74 High Index Lenses: Is the Cost Much Higher?

1.74 hi-lenses

When it’s time to get a prescription for eyeglasses, you may be recommended 1.74 high index lenses. While you may have heard a little about these while at the eye doctor’s office, the cost is something that is a factor for some people. Here is what you need to know about 1.74 high index lenses…

See Better And Feel Better With 1.67 High Index Lenses


We are living in a time where almost everyone has the ability to look up information online. People can find information regarding anything. A person can walk into a medical doctor or any doctor’s office and already have a significant amount of information regarding their health. Many patients will already have information about the treatment…

High Index Lenses Work Well for a Number of Vision Problems


If you have certain vision problems then you may have heard about high index lenses. Whether it’s myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism – high index lenses are an excellent choice for crisp, clear vision without the negative aspects of thick glasses or contact lenses that still allow blur. The point is to find the best alternative…

Why You Should Choose High Index Eyeglasses and When They Are Not Necessary


High index eyeglasses are something you may have heard of at the eye doctor or while checking out eyeglasses online. However, if you haven’t had these eyeglasses in the past or have never needed them, you may not know a lot about them or if you should consider high index eyeglasses. Here are a reasons…