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Why Should you get High Index Lenses?


High index lenses provide unparalleled visual acuity, comfort, and attractiveness. Their compatibility with an extensive array of frame styles and their ultra-thin design makes them a favorite choice among people seeking aesthetically pleasing vision correction. Below are the top ten reasons why you should get high index lenses. What factors led to the development of…

What are High Index Lenses?

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Choosing the right eyewear can be difficult. You have to make a smart decisions, but so many variables seem technical or difficult to understand. It’s sometimes impossible to sift through all the jargon and find the glasses that you actually need and that benefits your eyes the most. That’s why, as you research your options,…

10 Signs that High-Index Lenses are Just What You Need


Sometimes science does something truly amazing. For every hundred scientists discovering new types of insects, studying the chemical makeup of tide pools, or following the migration patterns of dolphins, there is an invention that can genuinely change the lives of every-day people. And for those of us who wear glasses every single day, high-index lenses…

1.67 vs 1.74 High Index Lenses

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When you order prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses online, you’ll typically be presented with the opportunity to get high index lenses. Two of the most common options for these are 1.67 and 1.74. What are high index lenses and what is the difference between these choices? Should you get them at all? Here are answers to…

1.67 vs 1.74 High Index Lenses – What You Need to Know

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Shopping for eyeglasses can be complex. So many variables play into the equation that, unless you’re an expert, you often don’t know what to choose in order to maximize your opportunities and get exactly what you want and need. So, too often, you choose an option that’s not actually ideal for your needs and wants….

Do I Need High Index Lenses?

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It can be completely overwhelming and frustrating to think about all the factors that play a part in eyeglass frames and lenses. The number of frames types, lenses types, technology, and material have all grown significantly in recent years. Many eyeglasses wearers are making the decision to opt for thinner lenses instead of the thicker…

1.74 High Index Lenses, Transition Lenses, Progressive Lenses… What Does It All Mean?

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Wearing glasses for many people is a way of life, especially for those of us who have been wearing glasses much of their conscious lives. When you’ve been sporting spectacles since elementary school (or picked up the need later in life), other non-glasses-wearers will assume that you know everything there is to know about the…

10 Reasons to Buy 1.74 High Index Progressive Transition Lenses Online

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Buying glasses can quickly become complex. Worse, you get led into a specific directions. Most eye doctors have a store attached, aiming to sell you eyewear before you even leave the store.  The convenience is undoubtedly tempting. But that doesn’t mean it’s actually the right choice. Instead, you might actually be better off going a…

1.74 High Index Progressive Transition Lenses: The Best of Three Worlds

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Ever hear the saying that you are getting the best of both worlds? In some cases, even that might not be enough. It assumes a simple duality; there are only two alternatives. But if there are actually more potentially outcomes, wouldn’t you want to make sure that you take a part in all of them?…

Get Your 1.74 High-Index Progressive Transition Lenses In Time For Summer


Summer is almost here! Are you excited? Now is the perfect time to start thinking about your current prescription glasses and if they will provide you with the protection you need this summer. This summer, in addition to working, you will probably want to enjoy a few other activities including trips to the beach, hiking,…