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When Should You Switch a Child from Normal Glasses to High Index Lenses?


Almost all families have at least one person who wears glasses and most have several. While near- and far-sightedness often run in families, the variance between even two people with the same parents is sometimes significant. For bespectacled parents of children who wear glasses, there’s always the rueful relatability. You know what it’s like to…

How to Protect Your Eyes from Office Computer Strain


With every passing decade, there are fewer and fewer jobs that are done without spending at least a few hours a day in front of a computer screen and the vast majority of jobs involve most of your work time spent typing, reading, and designing at a desk looking at one or more screens all…

What Can You Put High Index Lenses Into?

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Have you ever lamented the thickness of your lenses either at the edges or center? If so, we can confidently guess that you probably have a strong glasses prescription, correcting +/- 3.00 or higher. For nearsighted people, this usually results in wide, flaring lens edges that stick unattractively out the sides of slender glasses frames while…

How to Give the Gift of High Index Lenses


For anyone who wears prescription glasses on a regular basis, hopefully you already know how awesome high index lenses are. Our blog has been dedicated to sharing the benefits, joys, and options available for high index lenses for over three years and we simply love talking about the many great advantages and options that become…

Look Your Best This Spring With A New Pair of High Index Eyeglasses


Spring is a time of renewal. As the weather begins to warm up and little green leaf. He’s appear on the trees, you know it’s time to take a long look at yourself and your surroundings to see what can be improved this year. Most people start with a thorough bout of spring cleaning, airing…

Are High Index Lenses Right for Your Next Pair of Eyeglasses?


Every time you go to your optometrist and get an updated prescription, it’s time to get a new pair of eyeglasses. While it may be strange to switch away from your old pair, each new prescription is an opportunity to reinvent your entire glasses wearing experience. You can try a new look with the frames,…

9 Fun Facts About Glasses and High Index Lenses


For people who wear glasses, there have always been a few special rules about dealing with the world. Where you put them, who you trust to hold them for you, and how you clean them aren’t just personal decisions, they’re lifestyle choices. Of course, life with visual correction hasn’t always been the way it is….

How to Choose the Best Frames for Your High Index Glasses


When you’ve decided to invest in a pair of high-index lenses, choosing the right frames is an important task, but getting a new pair of glasses is about a lot more than just correcting your vision. After all, these are accessories you’re likely to be wearing almost every waking moment, and with high index lenses,…

10 Tips for Taking Care of Your High Index Eyeglasses


If you, like many other glasses wearers, are stuck behind thick lenses that limit your choice of frames and distort the appearance of your eyes, a pair of high index eyeglasses are a real luxury. In fact, they’re one of the best treats any glasses wearing adult can give themselves with a sleeker look, greater…

What Can High-Index Eyeglasses Be Used For?

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The many benefits of high-index lenses are leading more and more individuals to invest in glasses that boast these high-quality parts. After all, who wouldn’t want lighter, thinner, and clearer eyewear? We know we much prefer the lighter weight of high-index lenses over traditional lenses, and if you have a strong glasses prescription, we are nearly certain you will…