How Not to Extend the Life of Your High Index Eyeglasses


Clear vision is important for most of life’s activities. This is why your eyeglasses get a lot of daily use and why they experience wear and tear. After a while, a time will come when you’ll have to retire them and get a replacement. High index eyeglasses certainly cost more than those with standard lenses, and…

High-Index Eyeglasses: Protect Your Investment From Heat, Dust, And Dirt.


We have all been warned about the things we should not leave in our vehicles on a hot day. We all know how dangerous it is to leave children in the car, along with pets. You should also avoid leaving CDs, DVDs, and your eyeglasses. While it may be 80 to 90 degrees outside, the…

Six Reasons for Using High Index Lenses


Technically speaking, high index lenses are made from materials with a higher refractive index than commonly used lens materials such as standard glass or CR-39 plastic. A high refractive index means the lens material bends light more than a lens with a low refractive index. Therefore, less lens material is required to do the same…

High Index Eyeglasses: A Good Choice for Your Child

child-high index

There is more to getting glasses than buying a pair that corrects your child’s vision. It has to have a good fit, feel comfortable, and make him or her feel good about their appearance. While determining the correct lens prescription is your optometrist’s job, much of the rest of glasses selection is up to you….

Use 1.67 and 1.74 High Index Lenses for Your Job Interviews


In a competitive marketplace, you need to be your best at an interview. This means doing your research on the company, practicing responses to common interview questions, arriving 20 minutes early, conducting yourself smoothly and confidently, and even practicing your handshake. Another trick is using visualization techniques on the days prior to the interview. This…

Three High Index Lens Myths: The Facts

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There are a lot of opinions about high index lenses out there. Some are accurate while others are off the mark. While freedom to express one’s views online is a good thing, it can create confusion that gets in the way of making an informed purchase. Sometimes hearsay can cause harm or it may steer…

Enjoy the Outdoors This Spring and Summer with 1.67 High Index Lenses


People usually buy high index eyeglasses because of their aesthetic appeal. They don’t produce the bug eye or beady eye effect, and their thinness makes them compatible with a wide variety of stylish frames. Non-glass lenses such as the 1.67 high index lenses are also lightweight, which is an important consideration for spring and summer outdoor…

Losing Your High Index Eyeglasses Is Not an Option: 5 Loss Prevention Tips


There are a number of things you never want to lose such as your wallet, purse, or your only keys to your car or house. If you wear a pair of high index eyeglasses, then you can add that to the list. High index lenses are technological marvels. While both thin and light, they can…

Are 1.67 High Index Lenses worth It?


Questioning the value of a higher priced item over the lower priced one is only natural. The customer is rightfully interested in a purchase that delivers the best value. In fact, this questioning is necessary because automatically buying the most expensive or least expensive item guarantees that many of your purchases will deliver dissatisfaction rather…

High-Index Eyeglasses And Other Things Your Eye Doctor May Not Discuss


Do you think you would know if you were being overcharged for eyeglasses or if your eye doctor was not telling you all the information you needed to know? There are a variety of myths concerning eye doctors that you should know about, especially if you are planning a visit to your eye doctor soon….