Enjoy the Outdoors This Spring and Summer with 1.67 High Index Lenses


People usually buy high index eyeglasses because of their aesthetic appeal. They don’t produce the bug eye or beady eye effect, and their thinness makes them compatible with a wide variety of stylish frames. Non-glass lenses such as the 1.67 high index lenses are also lightweight, which is an important consideration for spring and summer outdoor…

Losing Your High Index Eyeglasses Is Not an Option: 5 Loss Prevention Tips


There are a number of things you never want to lose such as your wallet, purse, or your only keys to your car or house. If you wear a pair of high index eyeglasses, then you can add that to the list. High index lenses are technological marvels. While both thin and light, they can…

Are 1.67 High Index Lenses worth It?


Questioning the value of a higher priced item over the lower priced one is only natural. The customer is rightfully interested in a purchase that delivers the best value. In fact, this questioning is necessary because automatically buying the most expensive or least expensive item guarantees that many of your purchases will deliver dissatisfaction rather…

High-Index Eyeglasses And Other Things Your Eye Doctor May Not Discuss


Do you think you would know if you were being overcharged for eyeglasses or if your eye doctor was not telling you all the information you needed to know? There are a variety of myths concerning eye doctors that you should know about, especially if you are planning a visit to your eye doctor soon….

How to Make the Anti-Reflective Coating Last on Your High Index Lenses


High index eyeglasses are thin, lightweight, block harmful ultraviolet, and fit a wide variety of stylish frames. No longer must someone “advertise” their high prescription level by wearing glasses with thick coke bottle lenses. But the materials used for high index lenses have a drawback: they are highly reflective. This problem is more than a…

High-Index Eyeglasses Can Meet Your Specific Visual Needs


When patients go into the eye exam room, they all hope that the eye doctor will tell them they have a 20/20 vision, but unfortunately for many people, this is not something they will hear. Everyone does not have 20/20 vision, but you can be happy with the results you do get, especially if you…

Strong High-Index Lenses For A Strong Prescription


Do you remember the last time you purchased a new pair of glasses? When you take care of your glasses the right way, you will find that your glasses can last for quite a long time. However, there are many things that will have an impact on the age of your glasses. When you recognize…

High Index Eyeglasses: Lightweight and Comfortable


A high lens prescription doesn’t mean resigning yourself to glasses with thick and heavy lenses. The thickness and weight of high corrective lenses have dropped considerably thanks to improved lens material technology and better lens making techniques. The improved lenses, called “high index lenses” use materials that bend light at a greater angle. That is,…

Safe Night Driving with High Index Lenses


Unlike nocturnal animals, we have poor night vision. However, our pupils will adjust to dark conditions by dilating to allow more light into the eyes. For the most part, it isn’t the darkness that makes night driving so difficult because headlights illuminate the road ahead, and seeing the lights of other vehicles is easy. The main problem…

The Facts about High Index Glass Lenses

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Glass is regarded by the public as fragile. It conjures up images of baseballs flying through glass windows or falling glassware shattering on the kitchen floor. These images are hard to dispel when some consumers consider glass lenses for their eyewear. On the other hand, few think about the tough windshield glass of their cars that…