Cheap High Index Glasses

High index glasses seem to be pretty expensive. Are there any that are cheap?

High Index Glasses: Can You Buy a Cheap Pair?

If you’re shopping for thin, attractive glasses on a budget, you may be looking for cheap high index glasses. They do exist, and you can find them easier than you think.

Let’s be clear, though. “Cheap” is relative. What’s cheap to one person may be deemed expensive by another. When we talk about “cheap” high index glasses, we’re talking about high index glasses that are less expensive than the average pair of standard street glasses — that is, glasses without high index lenses.

“Cheap” can also be used to describe a product of low quality; something that wasn’t worth the money saved. We are definitely not using cheap to mean bad. Any products discussed here or recommended are reliable. They may just not have some of the bells and whistles a pricey pair of glasses has.

High index glasses are generally more expensive than normal glasses because the lenses are thinner, lighter, and more aesthetically pleasing than standard lenses for street glasses. The price doesn’t just come from the features, either; high index lenses are more expensive to manufacture than standard lenses because of their technologically advanced chemistry and composition.

If you’re looking for cheap high index glasses, here’s what you need to know:

  • The simplest way to get cheap high index glasses is to order new lenses for your current frame rather than getting a whole new pair of glasses. There are sites that offer affordable high index lenses that they’ll insert into your current frame, you just have to order the lenses online and send them your old glasses
  • There are also plenty of cheap high index glasses offered online, and glasses with cheap high index lenses offered. Typically, if you order lower-index high index lenses, you will save money. High index plastic 1.67 is a great choice for cheap high index lenses.
  • Genius G511 Glasses. These are standard unisex wayfarer style glasses that comes in black and tortoise and have cheap high index lenses options including high index plastic 1.67.
  • Genius G504 Glasses. These are a great pair of rectangular men’s high index glasses with cheap high index lenses.
  • Stylewise SW317 Glasses. This is a standard oval-style frame with cheap high index lenses for men and women. Many people will find this lightweight style to be a steal for the price.
  • Equinox EQ215 Glasses. These are another great pair of cheap high index glasses for men and women. These lightweight rectangular metal frames will suit most faces.

If you are trying to get quality yet cheap high index glasses, this list will make it possible. You need to remember that, the more features you add to the glasses (coatings, lens colors, bifocals), the more expensive they’re going to be. We recommend simply getting an anti-reflective coat with clear, single vision lenses for the best savings and value.

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If you have any questions about cheap high index glasses or cheap high index lenses, you are more than welcome to leave a comment below. We also have several other articles discussing high index lens costs including How Much Do High Index Lenses Cost? and Why Do High Index Lenses Cost So Much?, so if you want to learn more about high index lens pricing, these should help. Thanks for reading, and happy shopping!

Guide to High Index Lenses

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